Pinoleum / WoodWeave blinds are Roman blinds available for windows and roofs. In addition to standard rectangular blinds we offer a range of shapes that deliver solutions for many typical windows and roof lights in conservatories.

Window blinds are free-hanging and are operated by a cord pulley.

Roof blinds (which can be rectangular or shaped) are always tensioned and must have guide wires at roughly 500mm intervals across the width of the blind.

All can be operated manually and many can be motorised. Manual blinds that are out of reach are operated using a telescopic wand.

Unless specified, pinoleum blinds are supplied with white hardware and window blinds are supplied with a right hand draw cord.


Bottom rails for blinds are supplied in colour co-ordinated wood. Headrails are available in a selection of colours to suit.

  • Rails - white, brown, black, beige/cream. silver
  • Fixing profile - white

Woodweave is a natural product, it is not possible to guarantee against warping or discolouration. Also it is colour batched, so colours may vary where multiple orders are placed at different times.