Brackets, cassettes & facias are available in a range of colours depending on the product. Installation profile is available in white only. Images are available in the gallery below.
Unless specified, components are supplied in white as standard

Back-Bar / Fixing Profile

Back Bar fixing profile is available for all blinds manufactured on Louvolite and Benthin Systems. We recomend that fixing profiles are used for wide and heavy blinds.Not only do they enable multiple fixings along the length of the blind, the brackets are factory fitted ensuring perfect spacing every time.

Double Brackets

The Louvolite double bracket enables two roller blinds to be hung from a single set of brackets.

There are couple of considerations:

  • The front-facing blind MUST be reverse rolled.
  • The rear blind can be either standard or reverse rolled
  • Controls for each of the blinds will be at opposite ends to each other.
Roller blinds on double brackets may be motorised - however the largest barrel that is supported by these brackets is 45mm, restricting motorisation to low voltage tubular motor