Manual Controls

Chain Sidewinders

Roller blinds are typically operated by a chain sidewinder. These are available in PVC or metal in a variety of colours/finishes.

  • Benthin ball chain - transparent PVC/white, chrome
  • Louvolite PVC no. 10 ball chain - white, black,brown, cream, grey
  • Louvolite metal no. 10 ball chain - brass, chrome bronze


On all hardware systems, no10 'chrome ball chain is manufactured from nickel plated brass.

Crank Handles

Larger blinds may be too heavy to be operated by a sidewinder and the alternative will be to use a crank handle or to motorise the blind.

Crank handles are available either with a fixed or removable handle. They offer a solution for very large manually operated blinds.

The crank operation takes up more room than a sidewinder so there is more of a gap around the edge.