Roller blinds can be operated by battery, low voltage and mains voltage motors.

Somfy motors can be controlled by any of the extensive range of the Somfy RTS handheld and wall mounted transmitters.

Battery & Low Voltage motors have restrictions on the size and weight of blind that they can successfully operate. We recommend you check with our office before specifying.

Motorisation of blinds is a broad, specialist subject. But here are some basics that cover the questions that we are commonly asked.

  • All roller blind motors are tubular and are housed inside the barrel of the blind out of sight.
  • RTS motors include a receiver ( integrated with the motor ) that talks wirelessly to the RTS remote control.
  • RTS remotes use Radio Frequency Signalling to communicate with the blind.
  • RTS is not Infra Red. RTS blinds cannot be controlled by an IR remote control.
  • RTS remote controls are available as hand held or wall mounted devices.
  • Mains voltage RTS motors require a fused spur per motor.
  • Low Voltage RTS motors require a Somfy power supply ( transformer ).
  • Battery RTS motors are powered by a lithium wand battery that is housed out of sight behind the blind.