English Spring Roller Skylight Blinds

This traditional spring roller blind is constructed with strap brackets, cord pulleys and curtain wire to support the blind.

Skylight blinds can be manufactured up to three metres wide and three metres drop.

Pulleys can be factory fitted on request.

Brackets, cassettes & facias are available in a range of colours depending on the product. Installation profile is available in white only. Images and more information are available in the gallery below.

Rollbox / Virtual blackout

Rollbox systems are manufactured using Mottura components.

These delivers a virtual blackout system which incorporates a cassette top box with side channels and an optional bottom channel.

Rollbox systems can be fitted to a standard window or to a sloped or horizontal roof window.


Roll-Box Roof Blinds

Roof blinds are supplied with a series of fabric support bars (15mm round metal) that span the width of the blind at intervals. These enable the blind to be installed at an angle or even horizontally

Fabric support bars are available in two colours - white (supplied as standard) and black. Generally they are more visible when the blind is closed and can be particularly apparent if the fabric specified is of a contrasting colour.


Roll-Box window blinds are supplied with a chrome no. 10 chrome chain as standard. Roll -Box roof blinds are generally controlled by a crank-handle. Both can be motorised.

Unless specified, components are supplied in white as standard