Our vertical blinds are available with fabric vanes in two widths - 89mm and 127mm.

They are also available with 89mm wood vanes . Wood vanes are always supplied on the Wide Bodied/Heavy Duty system.

All vertical blinds can be stacked to the left or the right, or both ends (‘split draw’).

As standard, vertical blinds are supplied with white Vogue head-rails, single-stacked to the right - with a right-hand draw cord and right-hand chrome chain tilt. Hems are finished with a white PVC ball chain and a white hem ballast weight.

Hem Pockets

Hem ballast-weights are available in two styles - with a ball chain or 'sealed in'.

  • Hem-weights with chain - white, cream, black
  • Sealed in hem-weights (no chain) - white, cream, black


Shaped & Sloped Blinds

Vertical blinds with fabric vanes are available in the designs illustrated below, however wood vanes are not available on sloping head-rails.